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I was used to traditional massages and Nadine offered to do a massage with hot stones, because I was not very positive and very knot it knew how to capture my state of the moment. I was pleasantly surprised by the benefits of this treatment. At the end of the session I was tired but a good fatigue and a little sounded. I felt an immediate benefit. Shed a little tear.



Nadine immediately puts you in confidence by starting a session with a discussion aimed at identifying what you are worried about or weighing you down. Based on this she guides her care and gives you valuable tips to prolong the beneficial effects. After only a few sessions you realize that your daily stress and the resulting problems have greatly decreased! It is this quality of listening and personalization according to your problems that make Eveil Des Senses much more than a center of well-being or a spa like the others.  



Nadine will make you rediscover what "Massage" means ... by her love for plants, oils and well-being, She will find you a mixture just for you and your needs..and its soft firmness will do the rest..I do not say more ..    



I met Nadine while I was consulting with Global Doctor (in Kuala Lumpur) and immediately her benevolent gaze, her gentleness and her approach to my back problem echoed in me. The "consult" for a massage, and I returned regularly and of course I talked about it with enthusiasm. A gentle, simple and sympathetic welcome, very listening but without being intrusive, foot massage , Body with essential oils or hot stones, everything makes you addicted and the price is very very affordable.In a few words, Nadine is a beautiful person who does good, go to see her, to relax, to speak, to take care of You ... it's only happiness and a parenthesis that is the resource.