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The Aromatic Massage

The aromatic massage brings a great moment of well-being! It allows deep relaxation, it improves the blood and lymphatic circulation, it reduces stress and nervous tension.


The nature of the massage is just as important as the essential oil used.

The essential oils are mixed with vegetable oils of good qualities. Depending on the composition, the massage oils have a relaxing, stimulating or toning effect.


With each massage its essential oil and each skin its vegetable oil. Vegetable oils nourish, protect the skin, restore its smoothness, radiance and suppleness thanks to their softening, softening, toning, regenerative action and preserve us from aging skin.


Vegetable oils are all as rich as essential oils and are real medicines.

Recommended: Adults and children (> 6 years old)

Duration of massage: 90 minutes

Price: 150 ringgit (MYR)