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Before telling  you about the birth of Eveil Des Sens, I will tell you about my journey.


I am a registered nurse and I worked for many years in the hospitals of the Lyon region in different departments. I worked both day and night shifts.


During my studies as a nurse, I began to learn in parallel plantar reflexology. This method is very useful when massaging the feet of hospitalized patients.


Then I continued my learning of massages by hot stone massage then Korean reflexology and then Swedish / Californian massage.


As part of my professional activity, I organized a congress on the theme of alternative medicine for nurses in hemophilia centers. It was during the organization of this congress that I became acquainted with Jacqueline, who became my mentor and my friend. She made me discover the essential oils and flowers of Bach, their virtues and their uses. As a result of this meeting I attended a certifying course on essential oils and Bach flowers for better use and advice.


Why Eveil Des Sens in Malaysia, Asian country with so many SPAs?

I created EDS to share what I learned with those who need it. Unlike most establishments I offer only personalized care, combining my knowledge acquired in massages with my training and my experience as a nurse.


You travel a lot for business or you travel a lot and frequently and your back hurts. You do not do anything but you regularly experience back pain? Three identical pains but do they have the same causes? Before beginning any care, we will discuss to try to understand your problematic. Then only, I will offer you the care and products best suited to you..

Why did you choose Eveil Des Sens, a complicated name to pronounce when you do not master French?

Indeed, but French is a beautiful language and I chose this one because these words evoke a lot.


EVEIL (awakening), knowing how to get out of the state of sleep. That is, waking up. Wake up... the body, wake up... the senses.


We have five senses, sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. All of these senses work alone but in reality most often they work together.


We must not neglect any of our senses, they are there to open doors to our souls. They give a lot of information about what surrounds us. They help us to awake.


EDS will help you find yourself, wake up, let yourself go, soothe yourself, harmonize your body and mind. By listening, the relaxation that gives massage to essential oils, hot stones ......... soft music, breathing.

In addition to massages, what does Eveil Des Sens offer?

EDS offers a whole range of natural products such as: ultrasonic diffusers, synergies for diffusers, mosquito repellents, sprays for your environment, sprays against mites for mattresses, comforters ..., vegetable oils, essential oils... and also a natural peeling of the face and entire body for men and women.


So go ahead, indulge yourself and come to Eveil Des Sens. I look forward to seeing you!


Teachers open the doors, but you must enter by yourself. (Chinese Proverb)